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Rental Information
Rental Information
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Updated on 11/5/2016

Mastropietro Winery Inc. Rental Options and Rates

Looking for a Cozy Venue for your Holiday Party?

Why not Mastropietro Winery? Our Banquet Room and warm fireplace offers the perfect setting. The entire facility is available Monday through Wednesday, with the Banquet Room open Monday through Sunday. Let us make your party planning easy by assisting with your beverage needs and suggesting catering and entertainment options.

Do you need gift baskets prepared for your guests or your corporate contacts? We can make them for you! And of course, we have a great selection of wines for your home and gift holiday needs.

Rental Rates

The Banquet Room

The Banquet Room comfortably seats 48 people. There are eight 48" round tables with six chairs at each table. Two 8' Banquet Tables are provided for food.

Rental Fee: $300.00 for an afternoon or evening based on a three hour event. Kitchen access by the Caterer is included with the Banquet Room rental.

The Gazebo

The Gazebo has 4 square tables with 16 seats and 4 60" round tables with 32 seats for a total of 48 seats.

Rental Fee: The Gazebo may be rented separately or in conjunction with Banquet Room for $75.00 per hour. There is no kitchen access with the Gazebo only rental. If additional 6' tables are required for food or gifts, they may be rented for $7.00 each or you may bring in your own.

A Rustic Pavilion (Single)

Each Pavilion has 10 picnic tables that seat 6 to 8 people per table.

Rental Fee: $200.00 per Pavilion for the day. There is no kitchen access with a Pavilion rental. If additional 6' tables are required for food or gifts, they may be rented for $7.00 each or you may bring in your own.

Bartender Fee

The Bartender Fee is $20.00 per hour. The Winery will provide a staff member to oversee, pour and tend the bar whenever wine, beer and/or alcohol is served. The party is allowed to bring in pre-chilled soft drinks and water and these beverages will be served by the Bartender.

Please note: By Ohio Law, all alcohol, beer and wine consumed on premise must be purchased through Mastropietro Winery Inc. The Ohio Revised Code prohibits anyone from bringing in any type of alcohol (wine, beer, spirits, champagne, etc) onto the Winery property. If this does occur, your party will be asked to leave the winery property immediately.

If you elect not to have a bartender, you may purchase our wine and beer, provide your own glass/cup ware and ice and clean up all into a trash container after your event. The winery reserves the right to monitor beverages being poured and if any type of alcohol not purchased through the winery (wine, beer, spirits) is being consumed, your alcohol will be removed from site by our staff and your party will be required to leave the winery property immediately.

Mastropietro Winery Inc. Policies for All Rentals:

There are five (5) local caterers available for our rentals. You may work with the caterer directly. Please page down to see approved caterers, phone numbers and contact names. Note that rentals may not be self-catered in the evenings.

The various rental facilities are not considered to be reserved for any date until the appropriate security deposit and a signed License Agreement are received by Mastropietro Winery Inc. The Winery will honor a two week tentative hold on a specific date. If the Winery does not receive the appropriate security deposit and a signed License Agreement by the end of the tentative hold, the hold will be canceled and the date will be open for other rentals.

Security Deposit
A security deposit of $300.00 minimum is required for use of the Banquet Room, Gazebo or Pavilion area when the License Agreement is signed. The security deposit will be credited in full after the event if all conditions of the rental agreement are met. Any additional charges for beverages, linens, etc must be paid in full the date of the event.

Cancellation Policy
If the Licensee reserving the Banquet Room, Gazebo, Pavilion(s) or a Tent with the Back and/or Front Pavilion cancels the License Agreement less than ninety (90) days prior to the event date, the Licensee shall forfeit the entire security deposit .

A sign will be posted at the Gazebo and/or Pavilion area indicating that the site has been reserved for a private party

General clean-up of the rental area after the event is the responsibility of the Licensee. All trash must be bagged and tied securely. Containers can be provided for recycling purposes. If a bartender is not secured for the event, it is the responsibility of the Licensee to return all wine glasses and /or pitchers to the Tasting Room staff; a busing bin will be provided.

Parking spaces cannot be reserved for a private party during the normal working hours of operation. Guest parking must be in designated parking areas only and not on the grassy area between the pavilion(s) or Gazebo and the Winery's main building.

Catering Options - Approved Caterers

A La Cart Catering - Canfield
Contact: Shelly

The Fifth Season - Austintown
Contact: Rhonda

Guy’s BBQ – Newton Falls
Contact: Guy

Mariano’s Italian Café – Austintown
Contact: Anna

The Upstairs Restaurant – Austintown
Contact: Joe

Wedding and Reception Rentals:
Please refer to the "Weddings" page
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