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Welcome to Our Events Page Which Includes a Little Bit of Everything!

Special Events are listed first... but continue to scroll down for our scheduled Weekend Musical Entertainment.

Updated on 10/23/2016

We are cooking for you on Friday and Saturday evenings through the end of October. Please check the Menu Page for this weekend's menu. Everything is prepared fresh and orders can be placed from 5:00 until at least 9:00 PM on both days.

Please be aware that we will discontinue our sandwich menu in November and will not resume cooking until March 2017. We will add the Hummus with Fresh Flour Tortillas and the Cheese Nachos to the Tasting Room Snack Menu.

You are more than welcome to bring in your own food and picnic baskets Thursday through Sunday during those months. Remember to bring in your plates, napkins and plastic ware also :) Thanks!

And as an FYI, there are two local pizzerias that deliver fresh pizzas, subs, wings and much more to the winery; just ask for their menus at the Tasting Room Bar and call your order in!

Upcoming Events at the Winery and Elsewhere!

Saturday November 19th

Cost: $30.00 Cash per person & you receive $15.00 Play Money at Rivers Casino.
Leave the Winery at 11:30 AM; Leave Rivers Casino at 6:00 PM
Limited Seating and very few tickets are left so come in to reserve your spot soon!


Why not Mastropietro Winery? Ask about our discount rates if you book by November 4, 2016.
Our Banquet Room and warm fireplace offers the perfect setting. The entire facility is available Monday through Wednesday, with the Banquet Room open Monday through Sunday. Let us make your party planning easy by assisting with your beverage needs and suggesting catering and entertainment options. Do you need gift baskets prepared for your guests or your corporate contacts? We can make them for you! And of course, we have a great selection of wines for your home and gift holiday needs.

Effective March 3rd, the QUEEN OF HEARTS drawing went back to Thursdays at 8:00 PM. The jackpot has been growing so buy your tickets now! Just recently had a Queen of Clubs pulled for $988.00! Up to $5075.00 This week - Not as large as Garretsville was but now they will be starting over, so come see us!

Mystery Variety Program Sponsored by the Ohio Grape Industries
A monthly event beginning October 1st 2016 and continuing thru October 31st 2017

Varietal for October 2016 is Catawba - our Sunset!
Each month, a different grape varietal will be showcased at each Ohio Winery. There will be a black framed easel in the winery with the monthly grape varietal posted. Visit Ohio wineries throughout the month and take a photo of yourself with the framed featured grape varietal. Then tag your photo with #OH(name of variety)and post it to the Ohio Wines social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each guest who posts and tags their photo with the correct "Mystery Variety" for that month will receive a personalized wine glass charm, totaling 12 charms over the year. Although our winery may not produce that month's particular varietal, we hope you will enjoy sampling some of our wines.

Weekend Musical Entertainment:
7:00 until 10:00 PM On Friday and Saturday evenings

The Winery closes at 11:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays;
And our "Last Call" for wine is at 10:40 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Friday October 28th
Donny Richards - 60's & 70's Music that Makes You Smile

Saturday October 29th
2 Guys - Playing Hits from the 60's & 70's

Friday November 4th
Andy Timko - NEW

Saturday November 5th
Jim Golen - Acoustic & Electric Guitar Showman - Pop, Rock, Island and More

Friday November 11th

Saturday November 12th
Just the Two of Us - A Little Bit of Everything

Friday November 18th
Jon Mosey - Original Acoustic Roots & Blues

Saturday November 19th
Sounds Around Town - Music that Appeals to Everyone

Friday November 25th
Donny Richards - 60's & 70's Music that Makes You Smile

Saturday November 26th
Uncharted Course - A Little Bit of Everything...No Direction But you'll Have Fun!

Gift Ideas!

We do have Gift Cards for purchase in almost any amount. Need a gift for someone? These are perfect!

Many items in our gift area are now 15% off. Purchase a gift for yourself or a possible gift for a friend or family member. Look for the Yellow Dot!

We can also custom-make Gift Baskets with the wine(s) of your choice, gourmet cheese & crackers, chocolates and much more for any occasion. Perfect for an Engagement or Wedding Gift, a Business Thank You, Welcome to our Neighborhood, Get Well Soon, So Appreciative of Your Help and Happy Retirement!

Baskets prices begin at $15.00 and can go up to $65.00 plus the cost of the wine that you select. Do you need a larger basket? Not a problem - we can customize that too. Please give us at least a day or two notice and a lovely basket with your choice of wine will be ready for pick up. If preferred, the Winery can deliver baskets within the Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana areas; a small delivery fee applies.

We do have White 2 Bottle and 3 Bottle Gift Boxes that dress up your gift of wine. A gold bow is included. The boxes are reasonably priced ($1.75 for a two bottle and $2.00 for a three bottle box) and they definitely will make your gift of wine stand out! Check them out in the Tasting Bar area.

Donation Requests

We wish we could say "Yes" to every request presented for a monetary or gift basket donation but we cannot. We receive a very large number of requests each month for donations and supporting advertisement. We focus our support to the churches and activities that we and our employees attend, to our local community benefit events and to local non-profit organizations that assist our community folks with medical needs and costs. Again, we wish we could donate to all requests we receive - We thank you for understanding our focus on our community.

Yes! We Recycle!!

Our large blue recycling bin is now back on the front patio and we continue to recycle indoors too. Aluminum cans, plastic bottles and cups, plastic forks, knives and spoons will be recycled, as well as our empty wine and beer bottles and the cardboard containers. Thanks for working with us to protect our environment! The Green Team (through the Sheriff's Department) visits each week and picks up all of our glass, plastic, aluminum, paper and cardboard recyclables.

Smoking Policy

Our main patio area (closest to the building) and the gray gazebo are designated as Non-Smoking" areas. For those of you who are now smoking e-cigarettes or e-pipes - we still consider that as "smoking" so please follow our guidelines.

Please use the picnic table area or the parking lot areas for smoking. During inclement weather, by Ohio law, the covered entrance way cannot be used for smoking as the law states that smokers must stand 20 feet from the building when smoking. Again, for those of you who are now smoking e-cigarettes or e-pipes - you must follow the same guidelines. And please, if you smoke the real thing, use the ashtray bins for your cigarette and cigar butts; not the concrete flower pots. Thank you!

Just a Reminder:

It is against the Ohio State Law to consume any alcoholic beverages on the Winery property that was not purchased through our Winery. This includes drinking out in the parking lots, at the Gazebo and at the two pavilions. Please, do not jeopardize our permits by bringing your alcohol onto our premise. We do reserve the right to inspect any beverage or cooler container.

Did you know....
As of September 2006, Ohio lawmakers approved the "Merlot to Go" law. Ohio wineries and restaurants may now re-cork your open bottle of wine. Purchase a bottle to enjoy on premise and pour a glass. Then let us put a fresh cork in the bottle and you can take the rest home with you to enjoy later.
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