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Welcome to Our Events Page Which Includes a Little Bit of Everything!

Special Events are listed first... but continue to scroll down for our scheduled Weekend Musical Entertainment.

Updated on 8/20/2015

Mark and his son Dante from the Drunkin' Moose Bar-B-Que Shack are cooking delicious food for you at our winery.

Orders for fresh food are taken from 5:30 until at least 9:00 PM on both Fridays and Saturdays. Please check their menu on our pull-down Menu tab. We update their menu when it is emailed to us but whether you view their current weekend menu or an older one, you will have a pretty good idea of the great variety of food they offer when you check our site. Upon arrival at the winery, just head to the BBQ shack to check their current menu!

Upcoming Events at the Winery!

Update!! Our Seventh Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival
Sunday August 23rd
Open 1:00 PM until at least 8:30 PM

This is a kid-friendly event with entertainment, face painting, clowns and kid friendly snacks and beverages throughout the afternoon. There will also be "Critter Painting" for the children in the front pavilion.

And yes!! The John Reese Quartet will be playing Jazz for your enjoyment from 4:30 until 8:00 PM.

There will be a wide variety of food to satisfy everyone's taste buds! We will have two food vendors plus delicious cool refreshments from the Sugar Shack and lots of Kid Friendly beverages and snacks through the Berlin Center Fire Department Volunteers. We anticipate food and snacks to be served from 2:00 until at least 7:00 PM. We also anticipate the vendors to be moving rapidly to keep on top of all orders so there is no major waiting on your part. The winery will also set up an outside bar for wine and beer bottle sales by mid afternoon.

We do charge an admission fee for the Balloon Fest. There is a $5.00 per person entrance fee for anyone over the age of 10 years - this helps to defray the costs of the balloons, the balloonists fees, the various entertainments for the kids and the jazz music. This is our only winery event that has an admission fee.

Rick Kohut, our BalloonMeister, will display his balloon gondola at about 4:00 PM so you can see what the balloonists and their guests will fly in. This is a great photo opportunity especially for the children - they can get inside the basket and Mom and Dad can snap away!

Later, nine additional pilots with their colorful hot air balloons will arrive and unpack in the large field between the winery and the tree line for a possible flight from the winery between 5:30 - 6:30pm depending upon weather. Please note: Balloon inflation and launch is totally regulated by FAA guidelines and the weather. The winery has absolutely NO say as to when or if the balloons launch. In years past with good conditions, the balloons have inflated and have taken off between 6:00 and 7:00 PM.

Interested in a balloon ride? Please contact Rick directly at 330-413-5587 or email him at for details. A balloon ride is $180.00 per person (this is discounted from the normal $225 fee). Basket space is commonly shared and a maximum number of rider slots are available on a first-contact basis.

Children under 12 years of age cannot ride; age 13-17 years must be accompanied by a parent. Payment is by cash or check only and is payable directly to your assigned pilot. Be aware that each pilot reserves the right to deny access to their aircraft to anyone who is not acceptably fit or capable of a flight… so please, if you are planning on flying, enjoy soft drinks, tea or water for a couple of hours before take off. You will be expected to sign a pilot insurance Waiver Release of Responsibility. Each pilot attending is highly experienced and is personally selected for this event. Flights and rides are never guaranteed as each pilot is in full command of his/her aircraft and has the discretion to choose to fly or not based on the conditions.

If you do schedule a flight, you are to wear cotton clothing, tennis shoes (no sandals or flip flops), and bring a light jacket just in case it gets chilly. Don't forget your camera as well - it is amazing what you will see from your vantage point!

Hope to see you there as it is quite a show!

Lite The Nite Fireworks
A Revised Revised Date! (Sorry about that) Saturday August 29th

Again - a great show but you need to wait til the sun goes down!

Weekend Musical Entertainment:
7:00 until 10:00 PM On Friday and Saturday evenings

The Winery closes at 11:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays;
And our "Last Call" for wine is at 10:40 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Friday August 21st
John Stipe - Classic Rock, Jazz, Blues

Saturday August 22nd
Sounds Around Town - Music to Please Everyone!

Friday August 28th
3SB - A Mix of the 50's thru 80's and More

Saturday August 29th
Ramon Landicho - Unique Acoustic Entertainment - New & Old; Now & Then

Friday September 4th
Uncharted Course - A Little Bit of Everything!

Saturday September 5th
Jim Golen - Acoustic & Electric Guitar Showman - Pop, Rock, Island and More

Friday September 11th
Boomers - 60's and 70's Music That You Will Recognize

Saturday September 12th
Chasin' The Blues - Just that - the Blues

Friday September 18th
Doug & Dave - Acoustic Rock n Roll

Saturday September 19th
Ramon Landicho - Unique Acoustic Entertainment - New & Old; Now & Then

Friday September 25th
Donny Richards - 60's and 70's Music That Will Make You Smile

Saturday September 26th
Sounds Around Town - Music to Please Everyone!

Friday October 2nd
Following June - Variety 50's - 80's

Saturday October 3rd
Jim Golen - Acoustic & Electric Guitar Showman - Pop, Rock, Island and More

Friday October 9th
Davis & Henner - 70's and 80's Acoustic Rock & Roll

Saturday October 10th
Sounds Around Town - Music to Please Everyone!

Gift Ideas!

We do have Gift Cards that can be issued for almost any amount. Need a gift for someone? These are perfect!

Many items in our gift area are now 15% off. Purchase a gift for yourself or a possible gift for a friend or family member. Look for the Yellow Dot!

We can also custom-make Gift Baskets with the wine(s) of your choice, gourmet cheese & crackers, chocolates and much more for any occasion. Perfect for an Engagement or Wedding Gift, a Business Thank You, Welcome to our Neighborhood, Get Well Soon, So Appreciative of Your Help and Happy Retirement!

Baskets prices begin at $15.00 and can go up to $65.00 plus the cost of the wine that you select. Do you need a larger basket? Not a problem - we can customize that too. Please give us at least a day or two notice and a lovely basket with your choice of wine will be ready for pick up. If preferred, the Winery can deliver baskets within the Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana areas; a small delivery fee applies.

We also have white 2 Bottle and 3 Bottle Gift Boxes that dress up your gift of wine. A bow is included. The boxes are reasonably priced ($1.75 for a two bottle and $2.00 for a three bottle box) and they definitely will make your gift of wine stand out! Check them out in the Tasting Bar area.

Yes! We Recycle!!

Although we have removed our large blue recycling bin from the front patio, we do continue to recycle indoors. Aluminum cans, plastic bottles and cups, plastic forks, knives and spoons will be recycled, as well as wine and beer bottles and the cardboard containers. Thanks for working with us to protect our environment! The Green Team (through the Sheriff's Department) visits each week and picks up all of our glass, plastic, aluminum, paper and cardboard recyclables.

Our main patio area (closest to the building) and the gray gazebo are designated as Non-Smoking" areas. For those of you who are now smoking e-cigarettes or e-pipes - we still consider that as "smoking" so please follow our guidelines.

Please use the picnic table area or the parking lot areas for smoking. During inclement weather, by Ohio law, the covered entrance way cannot be used for smoking as the law states that smokers must stand 20 feet from the building when smoking. Again, for those of you who are now smoking e-cigarettes or e-pipes - you must follow the same guidelines. And please, if you smoke the real thing, use the ashtray bins for your cigarette and cigar butts; not the concrete flower pots. Thank you!

Just a Reminder:

It is against the Ohio State Law to consume any alcoholic beverages on the Winery property that was not purchased through our Winery. This includes drinking out in the parking lots, at the Gazebo and at the two pavilions. Please, do not jeopardize our permits by bringing your alcohol onto our premise. We do reserve the right to inspect any beverage or cooler container.

Did you know....

As of September 2006, Ohio lawmakers approved the "Merlot to Go" law. Ohio wineries and restaurants may now re-cork your open bottle of wine. Purchase a bottle to enjoy on premise and pour a glass. Then let us put a fresh cork in the bottle and you can take the rest home with you to enjoy later.
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