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Mastropiétro and Wife
Photographer: Tony Mancino
From Left: Marianne, Daniel, and Cathy Mastropietro

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Business Journal, June 2005

About Mastropiétro Winery
Winemaking has been a part of the Mastropiétro family tradition for half a century. During those years, grandfather Joseph, father Daniel and his brothers crushed grapes and made wine annually for family consumption in the “cellar."

Tales of the process and special occasion tasting left a deeply embedded impression particularly with two young family members. This firmly implanted impression led to the vision you are now embarking on, the winery.

Mastropietro Winery
Mastropietro Winery And the story begins… twelve years after the first home crushing of grapes… a farm purchased, intense research, strong determination, and labors of love. What was once a dream has now become reality. Proudly, Daniel, his wife Marianne, and sister Cathy introduce you to the Mastropiétro Winery.

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